For the EXTRAODINARY Business Leader who chooses to serve the global community.
A Leader who feels the sense of adventure and Risk and says “Bring it ON!”



Research & Discover


Phase 2

Meet Local Leaders, Explore the Terrain


Phase 3

Execute Your Action Plan


The Global E Program is a year-long program designed to provide businesses with the information and support needed to expand into other markets be it global or local quickly and efficiently.

  • You think it might be a good idea to move into other markets but don’t have the time or skill to make the determination if it is even worth looking at.

  • You want to check out a couple of international markets, but you don’t know where to start

•Not sure you have the attention span to focus on the project to the end.


The “E” Program begins with the three month Exploratory phase which is an independent feasibility study.  Research, analysis and planning is provided in private sessions to make a decision on the question –  Is the International Market for me?
Phase one is designed to:

  • Get the answers before you take the leap. Our research will help you identify the best country for expansion and answer your pressing questions.

  • Help you decide if expansion a good idea – understand the pros and cons of going offshore

  • Determine which country is the best fit for my operations and budgetary needs

  • Ask what are the opportunities and benefits of going offshore?

•Learn how to get started and who to contact?


7-10dys  12moths
The second phase begins by joining a Mastermind Group of business owners who want to travel to international countries to experience the culture, business climate, and meet business owners in the selected country.   This phase helps you answer the question – Should I Commit to this idea? Test the Waters

  • Explore different countries with new formed friends while pursuing strategic alliances

  • Network with local  and international businesses

  • Attend workshops and round-table discussions to help you excel

  • An educational experience through discovery tours and cultural immersion

Potential for business matchmaking based on your industry or target
Expedition Mastermind – explore opportunities with a group

  • You identified one country and area and are ready to dig in and do a deeper dive with a mastermind group

  • The mastermind members give you the support and critical feedback that you can’t find in the office.  They bring their knowledge and experiences to the table.

  • They ask the questions you didn’t think or know to ask just as you will ask the questions they did not know to ask.


The final phase of your program is with a mastermind group that will support your desire to launch in another market.
Monthly meetings keep you on track
Share lessons learned to reduce the risks attached to doing business in a different market.